Download Phoenix Browser Lastest Veraion. Apk-Fast & Safe.

 Download Phoenix Browser Lastest Veraion. Apk-Fast & Safe. 

Download Phoenix Browser Lastest Veraion. Apk-Fast & Safe.

 Phoenix cybersurfer loads your webpages 2x briskly, Saves 90 of your data and enables smooth browsing on slow networks, Downloads each- format vids and social media clips at lightning speed 

 Fast Browsing and Downloads Access websites, download multiple lines( vids, audio, documents and further) with the speed of light. Download online vids fluently from lots of websites Facebook 、 Instagram andetc. 


 Unlimited and FREE VPN 

We offer colorful virtual locales to make your internet browsing more SAFE and PRIVATE. You’ll be suitable to get access to your asked content( Facebook, Youtube, Instagram,etc.) while staying ANONYMOUS and SAFE online. With FAST, FREE and UNLIMITED VPN, enjoy your internet surfing with the Phoenix cybersurfer and reduce the network quiescence while playing the games. 


 Smart Video Downloader and Video Player 

Automatically detects vids from any website for you to download in one click. Optimized videotape player for the stylish watching experience. 


 WhatsApp Status Saver plugin 

 Save your musketeers whatsapp status fluently and safely. 


 important train director 

 Fluently WhatsApp status saving and important train director. Support further than 50 train formats, similar as word, excel, ppt, pdf,etc. 


 announcement Block 

Block annoying announcements and popups, save time and increase lading speed. 


 Data redeemer 

Stream pictures, download lines, browse further with lower data on any website. 



Super Downloader 


 Phoenix Browser can automatically descry downloadable vids with the smart discovery function while you browse the web, which allows you to download and save online vids from nearly every website. You can also download through BitTorrent and Magnet. With a download icon in the website, Phoenix Browser will inform the stoner whether there are online vids that the stoner can download or not. It’s veritably simple to download vids by using the smart download function.(!!! Download on YouTube isn’t available due to the policy of Google!!!) 

Incognito Browsing 


 Incognito tab makes your browsing experience impeccably private without leaving any history, eyefuls, cache,etc. 

Ad Block 


 announcement Block blocks colorful forms of annoying advertisements, pop- ups and banners to make your browsing comfortable. It not only speeds up the runner lading speed but also reduces Internet data operation. 

Bookmarks History 


 Bookmarks help save your favorite websites and give quick navigation for reconsidering latterly on. History list helps with recollection. Both will save you time looking for your favorite websites. 

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