Top 10 Healthy Hurricane Foods To Help You Survive The Storm.

 Top 10 Healthy Hurricane Foods To Help You Survive The Storm.

Top 10 Healthy Hurricane Foods To Help You Survive The Storm.

Hurricanes are one of the most terrifying natural disasters. They’re also some of the most frightening because they can strike without notice. Making preparation and safety almost impossible. Recently there were four major Hurricanes that made landfall in the United States including Florence, Harvey, Irma, and Michael. 

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There are other natural disasters that can cause almost as much damage as a Hurricane but are less publicized.

There is no surefire way to survive a hurricane or any other natural disaster for that matter. 

There is only preparation and mitigation. If you live in an area prone to hurricanes or any other natural disaster, you should take precautions to help you survive and recover from such an event. Preparing for a potential disaster requires advanced planning and vigilance about your surroundings at all times.

Top 10 Healthy Hurricane Foods

1. Peanuts:

Mashed, peanut butter-based foods are both safe and nutritious during a hurricane. The foods are a good source of protein and other essential nutrients, but most people don’t eat enough of them. They can also help provide quick energy when you are fleeing for safety, and once you’re able to return home.


Many hurricanes including Harvey, Irma, and Maria brought a lot of rain, wind, and storm surge. The combination of high rainfall and strong winds may damage your refrigerator, so it’s important to have a well-stocked pantry.

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Chili mixes are popular, tasty meals that also give you easy-to-heat leftovers for later. Be sure to have them on hand.


Depending on where you live, you may not have running water or electricity. You will also want to have some ready-to-drink beverages on hand, such as bottled water, orange juice, and sweet tea.

4:Hardboiled Eggs: 

Hardboiled eggs are low calorie and high in vitamins. They are also very tasty and easy to eat on the go, even if you’re in a pinch.

5.Ramen noodles:

If your home is without power for an extended period, the heat of your home can cook the noodles. Eating them raw is not advised because they are high in sodium. Ramen is also a great option if you’re looking for a snack or easy meal to heat up quickly.

6.Pop Tarts:

If you have a frozen supply of these, it’s the perfect option to eat out of the fridge when you’re staying at a shelter or someone’s home. These are also a great snack that’s inexpensive and can help you feel full for hours.


If you don’t have power, you may be able to buy some pineapple, but that will last you just a few days. Instead, you can grow your own pineapple, which can last up to two years. Pineapples are one of the best fruits to grow because they produce a lot of vitamin C and fiber, with about as much potassium as a banana. They also taste delicious in a smoothie or as a garnish on a salad.


Before you think of turning on your oven to heat your home up, think again. Refrigerated products lose their taste over time, so they won’t be as tasty and they won’t last as long. Vanilla extract will still have its flavor and last much longer than other foods in your refrigerator, so it’s a great option for a warm treat.

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